Science Fair Winners

Students in grades K-8th had the opportunity to participate in a district-wide science fair. They were tasked with selecting their projects, performing research, data collection and analysis and creating a presentation of their findings. A panel of judges scored each of their projects and the winners were honored at the school board meeting. Thank you to Science Fair Coordinators Tayla Wallis and Shelli Holmes. Watch this video recap of this exciting learning experience. 

  • K-2nd Grade Category: 1st Place Memphis B,2nd Place Josey & Joshua D, 3rd Place Lincoln T

  • 3-5th Grade Category: 1st Place McKinley B, 2nd Place Harley H, 3rd Place Anthony I

  • 6th Grade Category: 1st Place Lily Pena, 2nd Place Tomas Montez, 3rd Place Elena Anderson

  • 7th Grade Category: 1st Place Laura Gonzalez-Blanco, 2nd Place Jackson Faggard, 3rd Place Cheyenne Danley

  • 8th Grade Category: 1st Place Marcel Pena, 2nd Place Ellie Eckert, 3rd Place Teigan Wertz