Recognized by the American Medical Association as an Allied Health Profession, the Licensed/Certified Athletic Trainer is a well-trained professional and an integral part of a complete athletic program. The role of the Licensed/Certified Athletic Trainer includes prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as education and counseling of athletes. A Licensed/Certified Athletic Trainer has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, conditioning, and other related areas. The Royse City Independent School District employs two full-time, licensed/certified athletic trainers to assist you in facilitating the most appropriate care for your child. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your child’s injury.

Monday – Friday
7:30am – 5:00pm*
*Hours vary depending upon sport seasons
Other hours by appointment only

Tasha Langham, BS, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
(972) 635-5000, ext. 2632
(972) 635-5005, fax



All RCISD student athletes (HS & MS) are required to have a yearly physical exam completed on a tan/beige “2015-16 ROYSE CITY I.S.D. ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION PACKET” which includes U.I.L. mandated forms (it is perfectly okay to fill it out online and print it off on white paper).  A blank packet can be picked up at the training room located in the Royce Swiney Multipurpose Facility on the high school campus as well as the front offices of both the high school and middle school.  You can also find the new physical packet under “athletic forms,” to the left of this page. Local physician offices should have these packets at their office as well.  Royse City athletes, drill team, and cheerleaders that do not have an updated physical packet on file with the Royse City Athletic Training Staff will not be able to participate in tryouts / practices / scrimmages / games until an updated physical is on file (complete with all signatures).  Turn in COMPLETED packets to the training room located in the Royce Swiney Multipurpose Facility (make sure every page is completely filled out, signed and dated).  There should be (3) pages returned in total: a front information page that contains parent/student signatures, a medical history page and the doctor’s examination/physical page.  During summer hours, there is a box outside the training room door inside the multipurpose facility where you may drop them off.  You may also hold on to them and your son/daugthter can turn them in on the first day of practice.

Athletes are encouraged to get their annual physical at our annual mass physical day held each year on a Saturday in May.  Physicals at this time are offered at a very low cost of $10.  You are free to use your own health care provider but it must be one of the following: a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or a chiropractor.  Please do not wait until the end of the summer as appointment availability in doctor’s offices will be limited due to everyone trying to get physicals at the same time.  The costs at different medical providers vary but keep in mind that your personal medical insurance may cover the expenses of yearly physicals for your son/daughter (contact your doctor’s office if you are not sure about this).  There are several urgent care clinics in the area that offer a good physical at a pretty low price.  You will find a list of these providers and the cost for the physical under “athletic forms” on the left.



Royse City ISD covers all student athletes grades 7-12 (including cheerleading/drill team) with a secondary insurance policy.  This is the standard coverage in most Texas public school systems.  This means if you have a family policy that covers your son/daughter, the athletic insurance will pick up after your primary insurance adjusts the bill and pays.  Please be aware that the school’s insurance has limits and you may be responsible for a significant portion of your son’s/daughter’s medical bills.

Only injuries that occur during a school sponsored and supervised practice, game, event or activity, are covered.  Injuries in club sports for example are not covered.

Proper procedure to follow after your son/daughter’s injury:
1) If it is an emergency, seek professional medical help first, otherwise,
2) Contact the RCISD athletic trainers about the injury.
3) Get school insurance claim form (from the RCISD athletic trainers).
3) Fill out school insurance form and sign & date where indicated.
4) Setup appointment with doctor (RCISD athletic trainers can help with this if needed).
5) Take son/daughter to doctor appointment (have claim form ready to give them)
6) Get written note from doctor to give to RCISD athletic trainers (a note from the doctor needs to be on file before the athlete is allowed to return-to-play).

Failure to follow procedures can result in personal liability for medical bills.  If you are ever confused or not sure what to do call a RCISD athletic trainer.  Some physicians may not recognize our school insurance. 

Should you have any questions regarding medical bills from a provider regarding your son/daughter’s athletic related injury, please call a RCISD athletic trainer at (972) 635-5000, ext. 2622, or contact the insurance company to get help.

RCISD Secondary Insurance Contact Information:
Fringe Benefit Coordinators, Inc.
PO Box 5249, Gainesville, FL 32627-5249
(800) 654-1452
(352) 372-9805

If you are interested in purchasing voluntary insurance coverage for your child (provides coverage outside of RCISD related athletic injuries), you can go to the following web site: http://www.wilsonsportsins.com/ or call (817) 441-6487 for more information.  **This coverage is not a requirement**



The Royse City Athletic Training Staff maintains a student athletic trainer program.  It is not mandatory to have a student athletic trainer program.  Students may volunteer, if accepted through application, to provide student athletic training duties to various RCHS athletic teams.  It is considered a privilege to work as a student athletic trainer providing valuable services to the athletic teams.

Anyone interested in being a student athletic trainer must fill out an application and turn it into the training room in person.  You can pick up an application at the training room or download one to the left of this page under, “athletic forms.”  Each spring, all applications will be reviewed and selections are then made to invite selected applicants to participate in spring football practices on a probationary status.  There are a limited number of spots available so not all applicants are accepted.  If an applicant is not accepted, a spot may open the next semester and they may reapply. 

Application is competitive and preference is given to students who consistently make passing scores in classes, attend class regularly, have good references, behave appropriately and do not have a lot of absences.  Also, it is very hard to play sports and work while being a student athletic trainer as you may be required to cover practices and games. 

All student athletic trainers are expected to dress appropriately, be on time to practices/games, act accordingly and to make passing grades in all classes.  Once a student in the program fails a class, that student is immediately ineligible to participate in the program for that six week period.  Once the grade is upgraded to passing (the next three or six week period), they may be reinstated to the program.  Multiple failing six week periods will result in permanent suspension from the program.

Student trainers should follow the Twitter handle: @RCSportsMed for obtaining information regarding practice/game time assignments, changes, etc.