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Longtime District Leaders Announce Retirements

Longtime District Leaders Announce Retirements

Royse City ISD longtime administrators Jeff Webb, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, and Julia Robinson, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction have announced upcoming retirements.

Mr. Webb has been with Royse City ISD since 2008 and has 29 years in education. He is set to retire in December of 2022. During his time in the district, he served as Royse City High School principal and later as Associate Superintendent for HR and Student Services. Under his leadership and through thoughtful strategic planning, Royse City ISD has made notable progress in the areas of teacher salary increases, recruitment, and retention. One notable program installation during his tenure was the Bulldog Learning Center, which serves as an employee-only childcare center. This perk has attracted many new high-quality teachers to our schools. Mr. Webb has steadily served the staff, students, and families in Royse City ISD while positioning our schools as a destination for employment.

Mrs. Robinson has been with Royse City ISD since 2013 and has 36 years in education. She will depart from Royse City ISD in July of 2022 to pursue an opportunity at the Region 8 Education Service Center. She very much looks forward to spending more time with her children while continuing to invest in Texas Public Schools in Region 8. Under her leadership, the district has seen booming growth in academic programs like advanced placement and dual credit coursework. The Lead Learner Profile and Strategic Planning Successes in academic areas have shaped the learning experience for children in the district. Educators today in Royse City ISD have more opportunities for professional growth than ever before. Mrs. Robinson’s work in guiding teaching and learning in the district will leave a lasting and well-deserved legacy.

“There is no way that I could begin to capture in words what these two individuals mean to Royse City ISD and to myself. Their work and their actions speak for themselves. The best organizational teams that I know are groups of professionals who are subject matter experts in their field all working towards a common mission. This describes Mr. Webb and Mrs. Robinson perfectly,” said Superintendent Worthy. “While I will miss their daily presence, I am most proud of what they have accomplished along the way. Their hard work and dedication have positioned Royse City ISD to attract the next generation of educational leaders to carry on our traditions and continue to propel our students and staff to higher levels of success.”

Details of any formal retirement receptions will be announced at a later date. Royse City ISD will work to fulfill these positions in a timely manner.