Armed Security Officers

  • Royse City ISD employs armed security officers who work at elementary campuses within the district. The armed security officers are a visible deterrent on campus and are there for the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. Armed security officers also provide security at various after-school events.

    Royse City ISD is able to employ armed security officers through Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. In order for the school district to employ an armed security officer, they must meet the criteria under Chapter 37.081 or Chapter 37.087 of the Texas Education Code.

    Chapter 37.081 “School district peace officers, school resource officers, and security personnel” states an armed security officer must be a Texas Peace Officer commissioned as a reserve peace officer with a law enforcement agency. A reserve peace officer is a licensed peace officer who volunteers at an agency without compensation.

    Chapter 37.087 “Immunity from liability” states an armed security officer must be a retired Texas peace officer who is not currently serving or employed as a paid peace officer.

    Royse City ISD armed security officers are able to detain individuals for felony offenses or a breach of the peace.

    Royse City ISD is registered by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a private security company. All armed security officers are licensed by the state as Commissioned Security Officers. All armed security officers are regulated by the state. Armed security officers continue to receive peace officer training to maintain their peace officer license and to stay current on school-based law enforcement.

    Armed Security Officer Duties