• Diabetes is a lifelong condition, requiring monitoring and judgment in all areas of an individual’s life, including exercise, nutrition and illness. Students with diabetes need the support of caring adults to guide them in their disease management to maintain wellness and prevent or delay complications.

    HB 984 amends the Health and Safety Code (Chapter 168) to ensure that the students with diabetes obtain appropriate care at school and while participating in any school activity to enhance their health and ensure their safety and optimize academic performance.  Please contact the campus school nurse to discuss a plan of care for your student.

Special Needs | Special Procedures

  • The school nurses for Royse City ISD are committed to providing individualized, specialized care for students with special health needs including specialized nursing procedures such as glucose monitoring, insulin administration, tube feeding, catheterization, and chest percussion therapy (CPT) with appropriate physician’s orders. Please contact your child’s school nurse for additional information, to schedule a conference, and to get copies of the appropriate forms for your physician to sign.