Welcome to Career & Technical Education

  • Royse City ISD's Career and Technical Education Program is committed to preparing and encouraging our students to succeed in post-secondary readiness. A diverse and robust Career & Technical Education Program is essential for students. Our programs are designed to meet ever-changing industry and workforce opportunities. The end goal is for students to seamlessly enter their school of choice or land a great job based on skills and experience gained at Royse City High School. 


  • Principles of Ag, Food, and Natural Resources

    Ag Mechanics & Metal Technology

    Equine Science

    Wildlife, Fisherie, and Eco Management

    Ag Structures Design & Fabrication

    Ag Equipment Design & Fabrication

    Floral Design

    Livestock Production

    Small Animal Management

    Advanced Floral Design

    Practicum in Ag

    Veterinary Medical Applications

Business Management & Administration

  • Business Information Management I

    Business Information Management II

    Business Management

    Global Business

    HR Management

    Virtual Business

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts

    Advanced Culinary Arts

    Practicum in Culinary Arts I

    Practicum in Culinary Arts II


  • Principles of Applied Engineering

    Robotics I

    Robotics II

    Engineering Design and Presentation I

    Engineering Design and Presentation II

    Engineering Design and Problems Solving

    Fundamentals of Computer Science

    Computer Science I

    Computer Science II

    Computer Science III

    AP Computer Science


Architecture & Construction

  • Principles of Architecture

    Interior Design I

    Interior Design II

    Practicum in Interior Design I

    Practicum in Interior Design II


  • Professional Communication

    Debate I

    Debate II

    Debate III

    Debate IV

Education & Training

  • Principles of Education and Training

    Human Growth and Development

    Instructional Practice in Education and Training

    Practicum in Education and Training

Health Science

  • Principles of Health Science

    Medical Terminology

    Health Science Theory

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Practicum in Health Science

Arts, A/V Technology & Communicatio

  • Principles of Art, A/V Tech & Communication

    A/V Production I

    A/V Production II

    Practicum in A/V Production

    Graphic Design & Illustration I

    Graphic Design & Illustration II

    Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration

    Fashion Design I

    Fashion Design II

    Practicum in Fashion Design I

    Practicum in Fashion Design II


  • BIM I

    Money Matters

    Financial Mathematics

    Accounting I

    Accounting II

Information Technology

  • Principles of Information Technology

    Computer Maintenance

    Computer Technician Practicum

    Principles of Computer Science

    Digital Media

    Digital Design and Media Production

CTE Coordinator

  • Royse City High School
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