Bullying & Harassment

  • Bullying (also in the form of cyber bullying, harassment or intimidation) is serious and will not be tolerated by RCISD.  The district is required to investigate any report of bullying as required by HB 1942, Texas Education Code 21.451 and district policy.

    RCISD recognizes the responsibility we have to protect our students from bullying and harassment.  As a result of this responsibility, the district has implemented two policies to keep our students free from harassment and bullying.

    Policy FFI addresses Student Welfare  |  Freedom From Bullying

    Policy FFH addresses Student Welfare  |  Freedom from Discrimination

    Reporting Procedures – Any student who believes that he or she has experienced bullying, discrimination, harassment or retaliation should immediately report the problem to a teacher, counselor, principal or other district employee.  To report an incident of bullying or harassment, use our Report Bullying Form. Select Bullying/School Safety and the school associated with the incident. The appropriate administrators will be notified.

    Title IX Coordiantor:
    Brooke Merritt,
    Executive Director of Cultural Development

  • Report Bullying