Safety and Security

Kevin WorthyThe safety of our students is the number one priority for Royse City ISD. We must have a safe and nurturing environment for our students and staff to learn and create. We are thankful for a community of parents and families who value our safety procedures and measures in place to protect everyone inside and outside of our buildings.  


Kevin Worthy
Royse City ISD

Safety and Security

During the past several years we have witnessed emergency issues with schools both near and afar. In the spring of 2012 Royse City residents suffered great loss of property due to a tornado. Other communities suffered loss of life due to tornadoes and school shootings.  With this in mind, we want to take a few minutes of your time to review our district emergency procedures as we begin a new year.

Communication – First and foremost, we will use the school messenger system to alert parents to the emergency status at individual campuses or the district as a whole.  It is important for you to LISTEN to the message before calling the school, as it will explain what is going on.
Remember we have 5000 students, if even one parent for each student does not listen and calls the school to ask “I got a call from the school, what is it about?” that is 5000 phone calls that take away from our response to the emergency.  We are not a call center, there is no way we can answer all of the calls.


Tornado Watch puts us on alert and we may decide to delay school transportation or release students early depending on the situation.

Tornado WARNING puts us on high alert. Students will be sheltered in accordance with campus plans. Understand that when campuses are on alert status employees are also sheltered, so students will not be checked out at this point. Parents may shelter with campus personnel, but might not be with their child at that moment.  Please DO NOT interfere with the operation of school personnel, you will be putting other lives in danger. Choosing to do so could result in being banned from school property in the future. 

Communication: The school will communicate with parents through the school messenger call system as soon as an emergency arises. However, understand that the safety of 5000 students and over 800 employees will be our first priority. Please LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE. 

Lock-Down vs. Lock-Out

A LOCK OUT is a precautionary response to an external incident, usually off district property.  Parents will still be allowed to enter through normal procedures and students can be released to parents.  Recess/PE/Practices will take place indoors or cancelled.

A LOCK DOWN is a response to an immediate threat.  No one will be allowed to enter the school except “first responders.” Staff will not be available to open doors, allowing parents to enter.  In a full internal lock down, danger is immediate. Again, student and staff safety is our first priority. 

Communication – We will communicate what we can as soon as we can to give you the most accurate information possible.  Again, LISTEN to the school messenger, we will send out as many updates as needed as new information becomes available.  


In the event of an evacuation of a campus for an extended period of time, the district has a prearranged plan which details where students will be transported. From this location student/parent reunification can take place with parents picking students up or students riding their bus home as normal. Understand picking students up will be a longer process, we will be thorough with whom we release your child.  If their name is not on the list we have on file, your child will not be released. Accuracy, rather than speed will be our objective.