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They started the year with a mission: to make it the best, most productive year in the history of Royse City High School. They understood that by taking on leadership roles as the student government, they could greatly influence the campus culture and could make their mark and set the tone for years to come, but that it would take tremendous commitment and selflessness.


Along the way, RCHS Student Council Officers determined that they didn’t just want to stop at making a difference within their school and district; they wanted to be recognized by the state in the biggest possible way.  They could pick and choose to pursue awards from 5 different categories….or they could go for the gold and pursue all 5.  They chose the gold.


Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) recognizes outstanding student councils in multiple categories each year based on published criteria and a point system.


Outstanding Student Council

TASC recognizes schools that have an overall outstanding student council. This report form serves as a model for what a well-rounded student council in Texas should be doing to be effective. The form requires documentation of student council organization and structure, specific project areas and participation in TASC programs.


Outstanding Energy & Environment Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects that promote environmental and energy awareness and protection.

Outstanding Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, Heath (DASH) Program

This program encourages student councils to: 1) participate in projects which promote safety awareness in the area of traffic safety, home safety, school safety, etc., 2) participate in projects to prevent drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse, and 3) to conduct health awareness campaigns with information and education regarding health issues that impact adolescents.


Outstanding Pride & Patriotism Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects that promote pride and patriotism. National pride and patriotism, state pride and patriotism, local (school and community) pride and individual pride are the focal points of this program.


Outstanding Community Service Program

This program encourages student councils to record and document community service activities conducted by the student council. Cash donations, service hours and donated goods are to be recorded in three areas of service: local community, state and national projects and global programs.



Sweepstakes Award 

Student councils that receive the Outstanding Student Council Award AND are recognized in the specific areas of Energy & Environment, DASH, and Pride & Patriotism are named Sweepstakes Student Councils. The Community Service report form is now required to be named a sweepstakes council.


Six members of the officer team, along with advisor Leah Voth, traveled to Southlake Carroll Senior High School on Saturday, February 25th to attend the District 3 Spring Convention, “Camp Wannalead,” and to submit their report binders. While there, they interacted with student ambassadors from the many area schools and participated in trainings and district officer elections.  Student Council Community Service Chair Destiny Sakolevidis was asked to service as a support speaker for Forney and Azle High schools, who were pursuing district officer positions.  Bulldog StuCo members were elated to learn that their efforts were validated and earned when the Sweepstakes Award Winners were announced at the close of the business meeting.


“I really enjoyed getting to go to the StuCo Spring Convention.  It was awesome to see all of our hard work this year pay off when we received the Sweepstakes Award,” Sakolevidis said.


“Getting sweepstakes has just been a cherry on top of all the good times we’ve had this year in Student Council.  It just shows us that the hard work being put in isn’t going unnoticed,” Junior Spirit Chair Victoria Aguilera said.


Student Council Advisor Leah Voth said, “From the moment I learned I would be working with Student Council at RCHS, I reached out to the kids and a spark was ignited.  I have been so motivated and amazed by these extraordinary young adults, who work tirelessly and passionately to achieve every goal we set.  We set the bar very high this year, and we intend to keep it there.  We believe so strongly in our school–in the students, staff, and administration–that we want to keep challenging ourselves to be better and better each day.  I can’t wait to see what great things this program can achieve in future years!”


Those involved hope that this will set the tone for future student leaders at RCHS to maintain the standard that they have set by establishing big goals and aiming high.


“It’s so rewarding to know that we’re among the ranks of the best Student Councils in the state.  Seeing all these efficient, productive, organized councils and suddenly realizing you’re one of them is such a great feeling and really reminds you why you work so hard all year,” Junior Membership Chair Sydney Hall said.