ROYSE CITY, Texas (Royse City High School Student Council) – Members of the Royse City High School Student Council recently gained skills in goal setting, team building, problem solving and project planning through interactive methods at the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) Leadership Workshop at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas..


The RCHS Student Council Officers, President Destiny Sakolevidis, Drugs, Safety, Alcohol and Health (DASH) Director Mary Edwards, Pride and Patriotism Director Johnny Cook, and Community Service Director Josh Dusek represented Royse City High School as delegates to the workshop June 27 to July 1. During the five days of rigorous training and project based learning, the RCHS Student Council officers gained the tools and knowledge necessary to improve and enhance student council effectiveness at Royse City High School.


“Summer workshop was such a great experience!” Student Council President Destiny Sakolevidis said. “I really enjoyed getting to know students from other student councils and having time to plan for this school year!”


The workshop theme of “The Ripple Effect” encouraged student leaders to understand how everything they do or do not do and every decision they make has wide ranging effects. They learned that as student council members, they have the opportunity to plan and complete projects that profoundly impact the culture and climate of their school as well as individual students.


“StuCo Camp taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and expand my ways of thinking,” Community Service Director Josh Dusek said. “Camp also taught many new ways to help the community and how to become a more effective leader.  I also made many new friends over a period of a couple of days.”


Leah Voth, the Royse City High School Student Council Advisor also attended the conference, which was her second summer adventure with her RCHS students, whom she calls, “my kids.”  


“Summer workshop is one of the best events of the year.  It is worth it to give up time over the break to network, create lasting memories, concentrate on our non-negotiables for the coming year, and plan, plan, plan!  Our challenge now is to carry the momentum into the school year and to truly create ripple effects in our school, community, and beyond.  We intend to do just that,” Voth said.  “I almost feel guilty because I have the most extraordinary students with the most genuine hearts and amazing worth ethic…they make everything easy and they bring so much creativity, passion, and joy to my life!”


During the workshop, students were given time to bond as a hometown council. The RCHS crew opted to drive to Austin, where they visited the well-known Graffiti Park at Castle Hills, ate at local offering Magnolia Cafe, and enjoyeod ice cream “spun to order” with liquid nitrogen at “Spun.”   As with any group of young adults, they documented the journey with many photos.  In spite of the fierce Texas heat, they had a wonderful time exploring ATX.


“Interacting with student councils from across the state not only opened our eyes to issues beyond our school, but enabled us to better solve problems and empower those in our community,” DASH Director Mary Edwards said.


The Southwestern workshop, one of six high school summer leadership workshops offered, was sponsored by Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).   TASC is a non-profit organization serving high school and middle school student councils in Texas. Sponsored by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP), its purpose is to develop leadership abilities in students, promote democracy as a way of life and establish and uphold high standards for local councils. With nearly 1,300 member schools, it is the largest student council association in the United States.