Paw Patrol Scott Hanna RodriguezThe Royse City High School Student Council Paw Patrol made its first visit of the school year to Anita Scott Elementary on October 19, 2017.  The recognition took place in the gymnasium, where Student Council members led the 3rd graders in a chant of, “Paw Patrol” as they waited for honoree Hannah Rodriguez to arrive.  


Student Council DASH Director Mary Edwards read the nomination, which says, Ms. Hannah is officially our PE Aide, but she is actually everyone’s right hand.  She has served on the PTO, subs in our clinic, knows every child by name, handles things before the need is even known, and will help us in any way without even being asked. She seems to show up with a hug or Sonic drink at just the right time. Scott would not be Scott without Ms. Hannah.  Her beautiful smile brightens our lives and we would love to brighten her day by letting her know how much she is loved.


This visit marked the first for juniors Ellie Weiss, Rebecca Strong, Sophomore Camille Toombs, and Senior Mavery Pocock,who joined returning members of the Paw Patrol team, including Casey Parrish, Destiny Sakolevidis, Johnny Cook, Aly Dusek, Victoria Aguilera, Ellie Nichol, and Tyler Crumrine.


“I think it was a good experience and I’d love to do it again.  It warms my heart to see when people get recognized for their work,” Toombs said.