Facilities & Operations Department

The Facilities Services Department’s staff is dedicated to keeping the physical structures and grounds of the district clean, functional and safe within financial and regulatory constraints. We exist to serve the students, faculty, staff and taxpayers of Royse City Independent School District.


As one would expect in a school system the size of RCISD, the upkeep of equipment, buildings, and grounds is a monumental task. More than 3,600 requests for maintenance, repairs, and renovations are received by Facilities Maintenance and Operations each year.


Because we are a district with 9 campuses, it is important that we establish a centralized reporting procedure not only for repairs which need emergency attention, but for interior renovations and not-so-urgent service requests.


Repair requests are handled according to urgency: 

Examples: Emergencies | Urgent | Routine

Some of the things that we do NOT do under normal circumstances include:

  • Relocate projector screens, marker boards or televisions/monitor
  • Build furniture or bookcases
  • Plant additional flowers trees or shrubs
  • Burned out lights: Bulbs that can be reached from a six foot ladder are changed by the building’s custodian. All other lamp replacements are completed by our electrical department.

If you have a question about the Facilities and Operations Department, please contact Director of Operations, Byron Bryant

A typical cleaning schedule is as follows:

  • Offices are cleaned daily
  • Common areas and restrooms are cleaned and supplied daily
  • Trash is emptied every day
  • Corridors are buffed, stripped, and waxed as needed
  • Floor finishing and carpet cleaning is done on an as needed basis 

Additional custodial time for special events and weekend activities may be provided to sites upon request. Groups and organizations will be charged for after-hours custodial support. Please refer to the RCISD Rental Guidelines Handbook for applicable rates and fees.


If sites have questions concerning custodial services, they should contact the Custodial Director at


Our goal is to provide all students, staff and visitors with a clean, safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to the educational process. We will succeed in achieving this goal through the sound management of resources, efficient work practices, open communications and the dedication of our employees.

Jim Lawson
Executive Director of Facilities and Operations
Mike McKinney Service Center
Kim Summers
Administrative Assistant
Mike McKinney Service Center
Scott Soward
Grounds Supervisor
Mike McKinney Service Center
Wayne Sims
Director of Maintenance
Mike McKinney Service Center