District Leadership

Superintendent of Schools

It’s the vision of Royse City ISD to empower minds and shape the future.  We must provide our students with future ready skills that will allow them to compete in a global economy.  In order to improve student learning, we must provide opportunities for our students to be engaged through authentic and creative lessons. Royse City understands the importance of building relationships with students.  In order to capture a mind, we must capture a heart first. I am honored to serve the Royse City community,  and the staff and students that make up this great district. 

Jeff Webb

Associate Superintendent HR/Administrative & Student Services

The Human Resources and Student Services department is dedicated to providing the best education for our students and providing competitive salaries and growth opportunities for our staff.

Chief Financial Officer

Our mission is to manage resources to help facilitate a world-class education for Royse City ISD students in the most fiscally responsible manner possible. From facilities and transportation to child nutrition and maintenance, we strive to enhance the school experience for every child.

Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs

The special programs department assists with the coordination and implementation of a variety of school district special programs and initiatives.  We are committed to providing support that affords students the academic and decision-making skills that are vital for life beyond high school.  It is my goal to ensure that Royse City ISD students in all special programs maximize their potential for academic and social/ emotional success, career readiness, and post-secondary education and to become responsible citizens in their community.  It is my intent to assure that staff are trained to meet the needs of our students and are devoted to their success.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

It is the vision of the RCISD Curriculum Department to bring instruction, assessment, curriculum, and technology together to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.  It is our goal to provide professional development, curriculum, and instructional support that will lead our classrooms to ever- higher levels of student engagement and success.  We strive to partner with parents and community to connect learning to the world beyond the classroom walls.  Our daily mission is to provide meaningful and innovative educational experiences that cultivate a passion for learning.  The RCISD Curriculum Department is honored to serve the staff, students, parents and community of RCISD.   By empowering students we indeed shape the future!

Chief Technology Officer

Zach Allen
The RCISD Technology department strives to provide technology that is both innovative and efficient with the goal of positively affecting student success. The Royse City ISD Technology department leverages available resources, including the talents of its personnel, technology tools, and community partnerships, to deliver exceptional technical services in support of instructional and administrative goals.



 Chief Communications Officer

The Communications Department works to support Royse City ISD students and staff by engaging the community through effective communications. It is our goal to reach students, parents, staff and the community in a variety of ways. Amazing things happen every day in classrooms and schools. It is our mission to share the Royse City ISD story! In addition, the Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to support the district. The Foundation energizes, enriches, and enhances the school experience in Royse City ISD!