Dear Royse City ISD Community,


I am writing to you on very serious subject that is impacting our school district and community. Racism in any form has absolutely no place in our schools. Recently, two events have demanded our attention and action in regards to race relations.


One incident involved a student on campus wearing a confederate flag. The flag was confiscated and the student received consequences in accordance with board policy. The second involved a vehicle that exited the high school parking lot and yelled a racially insensitive phrase towards a professional broadcast crew. Identification of the subject(s) is underway and discipline, if at all possible, for this off campus action will occur.


Let me be clear. This is not what we stand for. Our student body, staff, parents and community members deserve the best. Racism in any form is disgusting, abhorrent and embarrassing for myself, the school board and this school district. We are going to work together with all of our community to ensure that racism isn’t condoned, accepted or tolerated in any form. Students and adults must be a part of this solution, and diversity and sensitivity training will be a major part.


Thank you,


Kevin Worthy