Growth & Planning

The Permanent Facilities Committee (PFC) was formed in February of 2014 with the goals of studying current district facilities and addressing anticipated growth within our communities as it affects student enrollment. The timeline for each recommendation is heavily dependent upon anticipated student enrollment growth as well as the district’s capacity to finance new schools.

Approval and Recommendations
RCISD Approves Master Facilities Plan for Anticipated Growth

At a special board meeting on July 25, 2016, the Royse City ISD School Board was presented with a Comprehensive Master Facilities Plan that addresses anticipated growth and facilities needs in the district for the next 10+ years. The plan is the culmination of a two-year process that involved a committee of parents, staff and community members. Two main areas of focus were targeted by the committee: Research on grade span configurations and high school size models for the future.

The school board accepted the Comprehensive Masters Facilities Plan that was presented by the Permanent Facilities Committee. Recommendations in the plan do not have concrete deadlines and are driven by enrollment growth and financial capabilities. Below are the 5 recommendations as presented in the plan:

  • Recommendation 1A | Restructure grade spans to lessen school-to-school transitions for students. The new structure would be PK-5, 6-8 and 9-12. (Short Term Recommendation <10 years)
  • Recommendation 1B | Construct a new middle school in the western portion of the district. This would need to happen at the same time as the grade span reconfiguration. (Short Term Recommendation <10 years)
  • Recommendation 2 | Add onto Royse City High School to accommodate growth. (Since developing the plan, this recommendation has been met by the recent removal of unused lockers and construction of additional classroom spaces at the high school.) 
  • Recommendation 3 | Construct a 2nd high school in the western portion of the district. (Long Term Recommendation >10 years)
  • Recommendation 4 | Add onto Royse City Middle School as needed to keep equity between middle schools. (Long Term Recommendation >10 years)

2/20/14 Work Session 1:
Introductions to PFC, Goals and Objectives and Demographer Presentation

6/2/14 Work Session 2:
District Debt Portfolio, Future Challenges and Impact on Future Facilities Decisions

9/25/14 Work Session 3:
District Comprehensive Facilities Assessment Report

1/15/15 Work Session 4:
Year 1 Update, Grade Configuration Scenarios and Impacts on Future Goals

5/6/15 Work Session 5:
Grade Configuration Advantages/Disadvantages, Sub-Committee Reports

9/30/15 Work Session 6:
GC Survey Results and Recommendations, Introduce High School Model Discussion

12/9/15 Work Session 7:
Future High School Models Advantages/Disadvantages

3/2/16 Work Session 8:
Future High School Models Sub-Committee Reports, Survey Results, Recommendations

4/27/16 Review Master Plan Draft

7/25/16 Board Presentation:
Committee Recommendations Presented and Accepted by Royse City ISD School Board

Permanant Facility Committee Members

Carl Alsabrook

Mike Anderson            

Devon Bailey                

Holly Bailey  

Stuart Burt                 

Richard Caldwell         

Jen Canterbury            

Gina Dennis                  

Kent Dusek                    

Jeremy Geistweidt

Sheri Hanson                

Kenny Kaye Hudson   

Anna Hutton                 

Dawn Jordan                

Brittany Lancaster       

Scott Muckensturm    

Elizabeth Nolan

James Olenski

Richard Pense

Lisa Pogue

David Raglin

Amber Romney

Brad Sherman

Steve Skipworth

Kathy Smith

Bobby Summers

Frank Trette

Sean Walker

Jeff Webb

Jacob Wenzel

Benton Yelverton