What is included in this bond proposal?


    • High School #2
    • Middle School #3
    • 3 Elementary Schools
    • 1 Early Childhood Center
    • Renovations & Expansions to Royse City High School via Fine Arts, Royce Swiney Facility & Turf Fields for Student Use
    • New Epps Education Service Center
    • Transportation Center
    • Distribution Center
    • Security Improvements
    • Technology Infrastructure & Fixtures
    • Land for Future District Sites


    • Home Lockerroom for High School #2 at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Restrooms at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Parking at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Entrance & Exit at RCISD Stadium
    • Visitor Side Bleacher Expansion at RCISD Stadium

How will this impact property taxes?

  • No impact. Royse City ISD's property tax rate will not change as a result of this election. These projects can be completed without raising your tax rate due to the overall growth in the tax base within the district.