Bond 2023 Passes!

  • Royse City ISD Community,

    I am very pleased to share with you that early voting indicates passage of both Proposition A & Proposition B in the Bond 2023 Referendum! Early voting results show that 67.11% voted in favor of Proposition A and 62.46% in favor of Proposition B. Thank you for voting and sharing the facts about our fast growth. Final results will be posted on Rockwall County’s VOTING RESULTS WEBSITE

    This vote of confidence by Royse City ISD Stakeholders is deeply valued. I believe it to be a signal that parents and community members believe in the mission of the district and plan for the future. I want to specifically say thank you to the Bond Steering Committee that designed the bond projects and the individuals who advocated for community support. As educators, seeing community members and parents give of their own time to support the district is a powerful thing. 

    Looking ahead, there is no time to waste in executing the projects outlined in Bond 2023. A naming survey for High School #2 will be issued in June of 2023. Plans for a groundbreaking are set for Spring of 2024. We will work to keep the community informed every step of the way.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Worthy
    Royse City ISD Superintendent


Previous Bonds

What is included in this bond proposal?

  • PROPOSITION A - $849,794,061 or 98.5% of Total Bond Proposal

    • High School #2
    • Middle School #3
    • 3 Elementary Schools
    • 1 Early Childhood Center
    • Renovations & Expansions to Royse City High School via Fine Arts, Royce Swiney Facility & Turf Fields for Student Use
    • New Epps Education Service Center
    • Transportation Center
    • Distribution Center
    • Security Improvements
    • Technology Infrastructure & Fixtures
    • Land for Future District Sites

    PROPOSITION B - $13,205,939 or 1.5% of Total Bond Proposal

    • Home Lockerroom for High School #2 at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Restrooms at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Parking at RCISD Stadium
    • Additional Entrance & Exit at RCISD Stadium
    • Visitor Side Bleacher Expansion at RCISD Stadium

How were these projects chosen?

  • A Bond 2023 Steering Committee met five times throughout the Fall of 2022 to study needs, growth and finances. After months of study and collaboration, the group agreed upon these projects and made a proposal to the school board to call a bond referendum on May 6, 2023. Click here to learn more about the work of the committee which was comprised of students, staff, parents, grandparents and community members.