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  • A committee of parents, grandparents, community members, taxpayers and students convened to study the growth and future of Royse City ISD. They studied district finances, demographics, growth trends and facilities as Royse City ISD prepares for rapid student enrollment growth. Representatives from the Bond Steering Committee presented their findings and proposal for a May 2023 Bond Referendum to the School Board on December 5, 2022. On January 12, 2023, the School Board officially called for a May 6, 2023 election.

    Student: Jerzi Whisnant
    Student: Sean Crisostomo
    Student: Audrie Sanchez
    Student: Julie Best
    Student: Noah Filip
    Student: Walker Abney
    Adam Gregston
    Amber Romney
    Amy Hopkins
    Amy Leathers
    Angela Rouse
    Ashlee Burke
    Ashlee Poor
    Carl Alsabrook
    Cheri Froehling
    Chris Everson
    Cindi Jobe
    Cody Plake
    Crystal Sullivan
    Danielle Harper
    Dawn Jordan
    Doug Fulwood
    Elizabeth Cavin
    Gabrielle Suglia
    Greg Reeves
    Halena Call
    Heather Hill
    Jill Watts
    Juan Solis
    Kari Hollifield
    Katy Parker
    Kendra Walker
    Lacey Rodgers
    Leighann Buck
    Lindsay Parsons
    Lindy Buchanan
    Lyndsey Sutton
    Manya Hackney
    Matt Wheatley
    Maurice Walker
    Mauricio Pena
    Nereida Bond
    Russell Ratterree
    Sean Walker
    Shelby Huckaby
    Stephanie Hall
    Tanya Russell
    Tyisha Nelson
    Zara Walker

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