High Frequency Sight Words

  • What are high frequency sight words? High frequency sight words are the words that are used most often in reading and writing. In classrooms across America, the development of sight word recognition continues to be a top priority when instructing emerging and beginning readers. They are called “sight” words because the goal is for your child to recognize these words instantly, at first sight.

    One possible way to practice high frequency sight words with your student is to write 10 words on index cards or small slips of paper.  As you show the words to your student, if they can pronounce the word within 3-5 seconds, cut off one corner of the card.  Do this each time you work with the sight words. When all 4 corners have been cut off, students have learned that word. Remove that sight word from the set of cards and add the next word on the list.

    Below are High Frequency Sight Word lists for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2.